Whether you are setting up a new Facebook business page or modifying an existing one, you’ll need to optimize it to make the most out of it. At Pransform, we offer valuable digital marketing services to our clients. Our experts have a few tips for you to fully utilize the marketing potential of a Facebook business page.

5 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

An optimized business Facebook page does not only generate likes, it generates leads and conversions. When done properly, a Facebook business page can be a great marketing tool. Facebook still remains the most user-friendly and the most widely used social media platform. However, attracting the right audience requires careful planning and consistent efforts.

Here 5 simple ways to optimize your Facebook business page.

Create a Steller Facebook Business Page

First thing first, create a Steller Facebook business page. A quality business page should offer comprehensive information to your target audience. Complete the basic account information and do not leave any vital information line. It works both ways; you’ll complete the account setup requirements and the information provided will be useful to your page visitors.

For example, include your business’s complete address, contact information, email address, website, and other social media page links. Do not use a personal profile for your business purposes. You may have a long friend list on Facebook but you’ll deprive yourself of several benefits that a business page offers.

Take time to complete your business page thoroughly. Particularly, write a comprehensive “about” page that fully describes your business. It is your chance to tell the audience who you are and what you do.

Use Compelling Profile Picture and Cover Photos

Your Facebook business page profile picture pop-ups on search results within Facebook and Google Searches. So, make it recognizable and likable. Ideally, you should use the company logo for your page profile display as well. You can also use your personal image here if you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur.

While profile picture does not change often, cover photos do change regularly. Cover photos are also prominently displayed along with your page profile picture. Thus, use it wisely and make the image your shout-out space.

Relevant and carefully chosen profile and cover images not only boost your page stature but also help you in search optimization as well. When you make your page identifiable, you’ll get more visitors and ensure your page remains active on the search bar.

Post Photos and Videos Consistently

Visual content is eye-catching and effective. You can convey your marketing messages conveniently through compelling images and engaging video content. An effective way of optimizing your business page is to post photos and videos consistently. Remember, your visual content should be appealing and informative. The attention time span is shrinking with every passing day on social media.

Also, remember that you should post only relevant photos and videos on your page. There is no harm in posting greetings, announcements, and other social affair news on your page though. The aim should to be keep your audience engaged and informed about your business.

Align Your Marketing Strategy with Your Brand

Posting attractive visuals and engaging photos is great fun. However, you shouldn’t let the focus slip from your brand. After all, that’s why you created a business page in the first place.

Align your social media marketing strategy with your brand. Communicate your services to the right audience at the right time. One way of achieving that is through utilizing marketing tools offered within the business page suite. For instance, you can boost your business page using precise targeting tools offered by Facebook. Similarly, you can boost certain posts to your target audience. This is where you keep your branding along with the marketing campaigns.

Post Relevant Content and Monitor Results

As a business owner, you want your audience to listen and believe your marketing messages. It means attracting more audience and converting them into your buyers. Achieving that is possible when you engage the maximum number of page visitors. Secondly, your page should convey the right message. You can do that by posting relevant content on your Facebook consistently.

Finally, monitor your Facebook business page progress through page analytics. You can then decide where you want to improve and how to reach the right audience.

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