Accounting and CPA Firms partner with Pransform Inc to outsource tax preparation services to improve workflow, efficiency and increase profits during the busy tax season time of year.

Over the past ten years CPA and accounting firms, especially during the busy tax season months have started to embrace bookkeeping and tax prep outsourcing as a strategy to offer better client service, enhance efficiency, and to minimize having to hire extra seasonal staff during the busy time of year. Pransfom Inc is a US based tax outsourcing partner with processing office in Thailand that works with accounting firms to ensure that all the regulatory, security and workflow issues are run smoothly to benefit the firm and clients.

Tax preparation outsourcing improves efficiency in at least three ways. First, it increases the annual billable hours per tax professional by enabling firms to staff for off-season rather than peak-season workload. Second, tax return preparation outsourcing moves firms toward a paperless tax workflow which streamlines and standardizes the preparation and review process. CPA firms often find it challenging to handle the hectic pace the tax season. Many are discovering that outsourcing their back office functions saves payroll and other overhead costs and frees up valuable staff and resources, especially during their busiest season.

Tax Preparation Outsourcing Improves Client Services

Outsourcing Tax and bookkeeping services can improve your client services in more than one way. By utilizing our service, tax returns turn-around times can be as little as 1 to 3 business days. This will allow you to get the returns to your clients in a matter of days, not weeks, which will delight them, especially if they are waiting for money back from their tax refund. Also when you cut down on the number of mundane file organization and data entry, office tasks, outsourcing tax preparation allows you to concentrate on the much higher level, value-added client services such as financial planning or tax strategies.

Tax Preparation Outsourcing Enhances Office Efficiency and Workflow

CPA firms that outsource tax preparation improve office efficiencies in a few different ways. It can increase the firm’s annual billable hours with each employed tax professional by enabling firms to be able to staff for off-season work rather than only the busy peak season. Also, outsourcing tax return preparation helps firms embrace technology and move toward a paperless tax workflow which will standardize and streamline the review and preparation process. You also will not lose any clients in the tax season because of being too busy or swamped, and you will even have the ability to attract new ones. Outsourcing tax preparation relieves your office’s staff of long, dreadful hours during the busy season, which improves morale and allows them have a normal, healthy life style during the crunch time months.

Tax Preparation Outsourcing Encourages Use of Paperless Workflow.

Tax preparation outsourcing is made possible by using paperless accounting software and cloud-based technologies that actually connect your CPA firm with the outsourcing service provider.

Remote Login process is the most preferred choice used by our clients. It’s a simple three-step process that will aid in your efficiency.

  1. You Send Us Source Documents – You scan the documents and keep in shared folder on your server
  2. We Connect to Your Computer – We connect to your computer using secure remote desktop / VPN and process the work.
  3. We Process & Log Out – You come to office next day morning & see books updated/ tax return entered

When the client taxpayer documents are received in your office, your staff scans and uploads necessary documents to Pransform secure cloud file storage. We then prepare the tax returns along with a set of annotated, indexed, and organized digital file that make the tax return review that much more efficient. When a new accounting firm tries out Pransform Inc services, we prepare free of charge, one free individual tax return and one free business tax return so that you have confidence and see the quality of our work.

Tax Preparation Outsourcing keeps Client Data Safe and Secure

CPA firm’s top concerns when choosing a reliable outsourcing partner are – one – the quality of the tax return prepared, and the second is maintaining the privacy and security of the client taxpayer information. Pransform Inc keeps your client’s data absolutely safe and secure with our world class data center infrastructure.

Pransform Outsourced Tax Preparation Services Include:

  • Arrangement of Source Documents in Digital File Cabinet / Client Portal
  • Tax Calculation Worksheets
  • Entry of tax data into tax software
  • Preparation of draft tax returns
  • Review of processed returns
  • We do Tax Preparation for Accountants, Tax preparation Firms,
  • Individual Tax Preparation : Form 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040NR
  • Partnerships Tax Preparation : Form 1065
  • Fiduciaries Tax Preparation : Form 1041
  • Corporation Tax Preparation : Form 1120, 1120S
  • Charities & Non-Profits Tax Preparation: Form 990
  • Estate & Gift Tax Preparation : Form 706

Get started today our services have no long term contracts and are set up to be customized to your CPA firms individual needs. Give us a call or fill out our simple contact form.

Tax preparation Outsourcing FAQs

The busiest time of tax preparation season is always the most stressful. During that time, your staff’s plate is full and you know that adding more returns is out of the question. You still may not even have caught up with the tax returns on your desk and there is a stack of client tax organizers that need to be processed.

What do you do at this point? With deadlines that need to be met, it’s time to consider other alternatives such as outsourcing tax preparation.

However, there may be a few questions you may have in regards to outsourcing the preparation of your clients tax returns. You may have questions about the experience of our staff.

Pransform, Inc. is happy to provide your practice with staff that have over ten years experience in US tax preparation. Additionally, all our tax preparers follow a strict maker-checker system and the review feedback is given instantly to each junior staff to train them up. We are proud to affirm that our staff is continuously trained by US Certified Enrolled Agents, who also overlook all tax documents before sending them back to your office. If you are an enrolled agent yourself, rest assured our enrolled agents are continuously training and keeping up to date with current tax laws to provide you with the most accurate income tax return preparation for your clients. We use the tax preparation software you use.

How can you submit your client tax organizers to us?

Use our popular three step remote login process:

Step 1: You Send Us Source Documents by scanning the documents and saving them in shared folder on your server.

Step 2: We connect to your computer using secure remote desktop / VPN and process the work.

Step 3: We Process & Log Out. You come to office next day morning & see tax return entered into the tax preparation software of your choice.

We have strong confidence in our quality and trust in our tried and tested processes hence we offer to process ONE Individual return and ONE Business Return free of charge. See our quality for yourself!

What software do we use to prepare tax returns?

We support and have experience with several popular tax preparation software such as Intuit’s ProSeries, Lacerte, Creative Solutions’ Ultra-Tax and many more.

What about security you ask?

We’ve covered every security risk you can identify. From theft to heists to human error to identity theft. Read more about the measures we have taken to protect your firm’s and clients’ data and private documents.

Will you need to obtain your client’s consent prior to outsourcing their tax preparation to us?

AICPA, Ethics Ruling No. 1 Under Rule 301 holds that using an outside service bureau for processing client tax returns would not constitute the release of confidential client information and therefore would not require specific client consent in accordance with the provisions of Rule 301, Confidential Client Information. Additionally, specific client consent would not be required provided the member enters into a contractual agreement with the service provider to maintain the confidentiality of the client’s information and the member is reasonably assured that the service provider has appropriate procedures in place to prevent the unauthorized release of confidential client information. For 1040 returns, however, IRS section 7216 specifies that the taxpayer must agree and sign a form consenting to the disclosure. See Revenue Procedure 2013-14, section 5.04(e) for specific language that must be included in the consent form. Contact Us to receive the standard template of the consent form.

Your clients trust you to prepare their tax returns. They appreciate the stress and stretch that you go through during the tax season. And generally they would not mind you taking some help to have sanity in your life during the demanding tax season. You assure them that you will do the final review before filing their return and you are accountable to them, as before. Pransform has processed tax returns for multiple tax preparation firms so it is not a new thing.

Here is what one of our clients very aptly summarized the experience of working with Pransform during the 2014 season.

“My billable work continued while I slept; making money and happy clients. With over 30 years in business, what a nice combination: profits AND sleep!”

……… A leading, experienced CPA from San Diego, CA (reference available on request)

One solution does not serve all.

Each of our services is customized to meet your specific needs. From taking on processing tasks, to data entry, to simplifying your integration with the software you use or to providing with software to make your processes more efficient, we are dedicated to make your practice more productive.

Additionally, we provide a number of specialized services so that you don’t have to find several outsourcing partners, such as bookkeeping and other back office accounting duties.

What about Hidden costs:?

Unlike any other services provider, Pransform ensures that there are no hidden costs to you. We are the only company that provides “assured quality” and “assured productivity” outsourced bookkeeping services to you. It simply means you are paying only for the work that is actually done for you and you are paying only for the most optimal speed of work that we agree with you.

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  • I now give precise estimates to my prospects as Pransform’s productivity is consistent. It helps me eliminate uncertainty in prospects’ minds.

    CPA Firm
    Rapid City, South Dakota
  • I get daily reports with work and time measurements. I don’t have to pay for idle hours. Pransform has assured me of productivity and my costs are predictable.

    CPA Firm
    Los Angeles, CA
  • I felt like I was becoming a data processing center. Active 24-7. Now I can spend my “downtime” performing tasks that enhance me as an individual and business thanks to the work being done at Pransform

    CPA Firm
    San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Profit AND sleep. In tax season! Thanks to Pransform.

    CPA Firm
    San Diego, CA
  • My small business clients bring in 12 months of receipts when tax returns are to be done. Pransform saves me from the headaches of temporary staffing.

    CPA Firm
    Chicago, IL
  • Pransform does the hard work. Most of my staff is like mini-CFOs for clients. I attract talented staff now. My firm has grown from 7 to 45 employees.

    CPA Firm
    Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts
  • I did taxes. Now, I earn more because I sell accounting too – done by Pransform.

    CPA Firm
    Rapid City, South Dakota
  • I worked solo as a bookkeeper. Now, I own a growing bookkeeping firm as Pransform made it profitable for me.

    Bookkeeping Firm
    Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts
  • After tax season, I now earn regular income. My Clients get CPA insights at nearly bookkeeper price as Pransform’s work gives me competitive edge.

    CPA Firm
    Rapid City, South Dakota
  • I signed with multi-location client and it is profitable. I wish I had Pransform earlier as I used to decline low profit margin clients.

    CPA Firm
    San Francisco, CA
  • You can’t control the market price. But you can control costs. Working with Pransform was one of my wisest moves.

    Accounting Firm
    Los Angeles, CA
  • I invested in marketing. Not in overhead. Because Pransform’s resources produce great work at less than half my earlier costs.

    CPA Firm
    Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts