Can’t Find That Software Which Fully Fits Your Needs? Are You Constrained To Accept The “Best Possible Fit” Solution And Then Actually Change Your Most Productive Business Processes?

There is a choice. Custom Software Development Solutions. All these years, this choice was expensive and only large enterprises could afford it. Pransform makes it viable for you. Don’t settle for a compromise. Get your needs fulfilled by using our custom software development solutions. We offer amazingly affordable, high quality custom software development solutions and web application development, including offshore software development solutions.

Custom Software Development Solutions

If you are looking for a reliable source to convert your new innovative ideas that will provide your customers with additional value and differentiate your business in a tough competitive environment, you want to use Pransform’s highly cost-effective and high quality custom software development solutions. From customization of your current software platforms to full-cycle custom software development solutions according to your vision, Pransform is a competent development partner for you with experience and expertise to deliver cost-effective and high quality custom software development solutions that fulfill your specific requirements. We have professional consultants under onsite/offsite/offshore models to help you execute projects under your supervision. Varied technical resources are deputed on daily/monthly billing rates contract. Mostly we provide skilled consultants onsite for this option.

How Can I Really Trust A Third Party With My Ideas / Company Information?

The answer is not to hand over the responsibility for Information Resources to a third party…. you need to find a reliable partner who can help you cope with complexities and change at a sustainably lower cost. While you guide the evolution of your Information Resources as an essential element of business strategy, you need a competent partner who can execute your Information Resources strategy. You need a dependable partner who understands your business. Our committed professionals provide you with software development solutions par excellence. Our resources are just your extension in our offices or stationed at your offices, depending on your choice. While we manage your custom software development projects end-to-end, you are always in control of how your objectives are taking real shape towards professional execution. We offer custom software development solutions custom designed to your needs and wants. Whether you need a solution on JAVA or.NET or Weblogic or Websphere, we have it all. Our transparency of operations and emphasis on clear communication ensures that every effort spent on a custom software development project is put to optimum use. Our average billing rates vary, governed by project duration, complexities, technologies and roles. This ensures that every project is uniquely treated and efficiently priced. You will always find that the value for money you get from us will be absolutely the best you can get in the marketplace.

Why Should I Engage Pransform To Provide Me Custom Software Development Solutions?

Having been in the custom software development solutions business for over 8 years, Pransform has the expertise to provide end-to-end services for the development and rollout of custom software development solutions regardless of size and industry. We have a dedicated team of developers who are customer oriented and is able to develop high quality application packages using proven methodologies. During the design stage, we always take into consideration the applications’ user friendliness and flexibility and more importantly the business requirement. Rapid development tools are used to speed up the development cycle.

  • Dedicated, customer oriented team is able to provide high quality software development solutions using proven methodologies.
  • Seamless integration with your existing software through interfaces, we develop, and that meet your unique requirements.
  • Project management and change management services tailored to your specific needs. You decide the level of assistance you want from Pransform.
  • Training & rollout, where Pransform helps you with the application rollout and will provide training that best fit your organization whether it be train-the-trainer or end user training.

How Do Custom Software Development Solutions Work?

You simply tell us what you have now and how you want to see it work. We’ll figure out ways and means to make it happen to precisely satisfy your needs and wants. Your new solutions will be always scalable and flexible to be modified later as your business grows and transforms. Project Management: flows through following steps.

  • Requirements Definition
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Development (Programming)
  • Test Deployment
  • User training, go live
  • Support & Maintenance

You Have Nothing to Worry About:

  • Control : We keep you informed of the progress at each step, which helps you get your development on time and within budget.
  • Reliability: Our well-established acceptance procedures will ensure that the solution developed meets all the requirements.
  • Use-as-You-Go: In most cases, expected functionality can be deployed and used right away without waiting for the whole project to get over.

Technologies and Development Process

Pransform has eight years experience in providing custom software development solutions. Our expertise comprises open-source as well as proprietary technologies that allows us to execute the most challenging and complex projects and satisfy customer requirements, expectations and preferences. See a partial list of our prestigious clients. Click Here Our experienced project teams with technology competencies specific to your needs make sure that costs are kept minimal and at the same time the results are reliable. Our developers, software architects, business analysts, coordinators and project managers are all trained on business processes across various industries so they all quickly absorb your requirements. We have excellent skills and deep expertise in building solutions of various complexity levels. Our experience in Business Process Management, Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Collaboration, Client Service Delivery, Document Management Solutions, Online Time & Expense Management, Inventory Systems and other business domains allows us to provide our customers with the best-practice custom solutions.

  • All the projects are executed on Time & Materials Basis(T&M) .
  • Based on your business requirements, we provide you an estimate once the scope of the software is agreed upon.
  • Software is developed at our global engineering office at Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Test deployment and go live services offered at your office.

Benefits of Pransform’s Professional Services

  • Guaranteed Quality of development work.
  • Specialist resources for handling specific technology.
  • Experience across multiple projects and across multiple platforms.
  • Experienced project management.
  • Reduced risk of failure.
  • Reduced permanent staff costs.
  • Reduced training costs.
  • Reduced management costs.
  • Reduced lead-time for recruitment and training.
  • Flexibility of increasing or decreasing contract time frame as per your requirement.
  • More operating income by spending less for nonstrategic operations.

Pransform’s Technical Competencies:

Database :
  • ORACLE , DB2 , SYBASE , INFORMIX ,Postgres, SQL Server, DB2, Object Oriented DBMS
Operation Systems :
Development Tools :
Languages :
  • RPG , C, C++, COBOL, PL/1, APL Java, JSP, Servlets, C++, C #, Perl, VBScript, PerlScript, COM, VB, HTML, DHTML, XML
WEB Technologies :
Web and Application Services :
  • IBM Websphere, iPlanet, BEA Weblogic, Apache, Oracle Application Server, Allaire’s Cold Fusion, Microsoft IIS and Transaction Server, iTP Web Server.
Development Environment :
  • Visual Café, Visual Age, Forte for Java, Rational, Webgain, HP Bluestone
ECommerce :
  • Intershop, IBM Websphere Commerce Suite, iPlanet Suite
Modeling Tool :
  • Rational Development Suite, ERWin, Designer 2000
Testing Tool :
  • Rational Test Suite, Mercury Test suite, Junit
  • SIEBEL, SalesLogix, ORACLE, SAP


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