Pransform comprehensively protects privacy and confidentiality of client data.


  1. Access to the company’s computer network is protected by Firewalls of international standard.
  2. Workstation access is specific to each staff member, controlled through passwords and governed through centralized policies controlled through the server.
  3. No workstation has public email access or floppy /CD /DVD drives / USB drives.
  4. FTP access is available to select few with automated-logs of activities done (used for file transfers between client and our servers).
  5. Public chat messengers are not allowed on any computers and none of the user machines can download and install any software.
  6. Access to national or international dialing is controlled through unique ids given to each staff member and each call can be logged.
  7. Access to printer, photocopier and fax is also controlled through unique ids and the usage is monitored.
  8. Access to various websites is permitted only on need basis and log is maintained and reviewed. By default all websites are blocked and users have to make a specific request, authorized by the managers, to the IT administrator to permit access to any specific website. The management periodically reviews the list of authorized websites.
  9. Screen shots of each computer are logged at periodic intervals and reviewed.
  10. Top management has utilities by which it can view the monitor of any computer from their own desktop. This fact has been explained clearly to all employees that it is the right of the company to do so and the company will do it without any prior notice to any employee. The reasoning has also been explained that the safety, security and confidentiality of client data are of paramount importance.
  11. As a standard method, our staff works in your servers through a remote desktop connectivity and hence all the data is stored only in your systems. If you need us to maintain transaction data, it is safe and secure with the above mentioned arrangements.


  1. Pransform’s processing office premises are in a commercial complex having general access security at the entrance. The office premises are highly secure with separate electronically controlled access to main office and additional access control for operations areas.
  2. Intrusion detectors during off hours.
  3. Direct, automated link to 24 X 7 security service provider – who monitors the office round the clock. Specified management members get calls if office is opened or not closed at pre-defined office hours.
  4. Closed circuit TV cameras throughout the premises with monitoring by the management.
  5. Invisible alarm set offs for emergencies.
  6. Locker room for staff to keep their personal belongings.
  7. Personal mobile phones are not allowed to be carried into operations area.


  1. We sign off “non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement” with each client.
  2. On top of it, we have “Computer use policy” and “Employee confidentiality agreement” signed off with each employee that can enable us to take legal actions in case of a breach.