I’m working longer and longer hours, but I’m not really making more.

Here is the secret to making more yet having work-life balance:

If you are buried in tactical problems (call it daily work), you don’t often have the time to solve big-picture practice growth issues. We do. Our people, experience, infrastructure, resources, methods and global delivery capability can help you improve performance of your practice.

What brings in your revenue and profit?

Is it being with prospects or by handling paper?

Is it by helping your clients or being in front of your computer screen?

But someone must do the work, isn’t it? So, what’s the solution?

Yes. Someone has to handle paper, data and information. But it need not be you or your expert, experienced and talented staff. The essence of profit is how you pick your opportunity cost. Every time we face a decision, we want to ask ourselves if doing this one thing is worth giving up the ability to do something else, now or in the future.

How Pransform helps you recapture your precious time yet earn more?

We work only with accounting and tax firms and professionals. Our trained and experienced people handle the paper, data and information, for you, the way you are used to process and then we apply the best practices learnt from doing the work for many firms. And you don’t even have to change anything at your office.

So if you are working longer and longer hours yet not really making more, please use the form below to contact us here at Pransform.