I’m not getting enough new clients as I struggle with daily work.

More often than not, accountants and tax professionals admit that they are not great salespersons. They say they are great with numbers but when it comes to selling their services, they need help. But the key factor that actually results in getting new clients is not sales skills; it is actually because they struggle with daily work that prevents them from reaching out to new prospects.

Why clients select (or not) you as their accountant?

You will surprise yourself if you knew that other things being more or less equal, clients would choose you as their accountant based on how comfortable they are with you as a person.

You are great at your work and when you meet prospects, all that they want to know how YOU will solve their problems.

What does it mean for you and your practice?

It means YOU have to go out there and meet prospects, face to face or by phone. And it means you must spend more time with prospects and clients.

But if you are busy “doing” the work at your office, you don’t get that precious time to be with prospects to convert them into clients.

Boost your success with Pransform’s solution:

So, don’t struggle with your daily workload. Our trained resources focus on quickly replicating your work processes at our end. We then process and deliver accurate and timely work to you and in the time that you save, you will be able to be in front of prospects, much more than ever before. If you are ready to embrace a solution that provides you the freedom and time to develop your practice, please use the form below to contact us here at Pransform.