I’m behind in work and missing deadlines consistently.

Yes, with the never ending attempts to do more with less and the ever increasing fee pressures and competition, you try to do as much as possible with bare minimum resources. You and your staff stretch your days in trying to make it possible. But clients many a times do not provide all information in time which means your time is also wasted in plenty of follow-ups. The end result is you are behind in work and are missing deadlines consistently. It is not good for your practice growth.

In accounting, delay is fatal.

Business owners want to be on top of their numbers, in real time, if they want to survive in today’s competitive economy.

Who wants penalty for delay in paying taxes?

Clients hire accountants not just because accounting is not their own core competency, but also because they want their numbers faster than ever before. Ask your clients what they value more in your services – they will tell you “turn-around time” as one of the top needs, in addition to quality, of course.

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