I’m becoming distracted from the things that will help grow my practice.

Technology and internet has made things different and easier for you. And for your clients and prospects too. They can now easily compare you with others. Hence, to get new clients, you have to be engaged with prospects, much more than ever before.

What distracts you from focusing on practice growth?

But then your clients’ work needs to be produced and delivered. Attracting and retaining qualified staff has been one of the top 5 challenges of firms of all sizes. It means you are busy hiring, training, reviewing work done by your staff, correcting their mistakes, firing, and re-hiring when staff leaves. All of this ends up distracting you from things that help grow your practice.

What’s the solution?

Separate the “in-focus” from “out-focus”. Get work done with the same, or even better quality from reliable resources that you do not have to manage personally.

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