I don’t have a work-life balance.

Do you and/or your employees work 12-14 hours a day or 50-60 hour a week; don’t exercise, always feeling tired, sleep poorly, eat junk food more often mostly at your desk and find it difficult to meaningfully engage with your near and dear ones?

Work-life balance is a misnomer. It assumes that work is competing against life i.e. when you are working, there is no life and when you are enjoying life, you can’t work. What you need is not the balance but a blend.

Those who have good work-life blend have:

• Greater engagement in their jobs

• Higher levels of job satisfaction

• Stronger intentions to remain with their employers

• Less negative and stressful spillover from job to home

• Less negative spillover from home to job

• Better mental health

Why your revenue stays flat and how it distorts your work-life balance?

When you lead a small and growing business, the temptation is to do it all yourself, mainly due to cost constraints. Your revenue stays flat because you invariably fall into the double helix trap and it ultimately leads to skewed work-life balance.

Get the freedom you always wanted:

Pransform provides you freedom from this trap and makes sure you are always in control of your work-life blend. As our trained resources process and deliver accurate and timely work to you, you can enjoy your life, be it at golf club or at beach or on vacation – your work gets done and your income continues even when you are not at work.

If you want to have more profit AND sleep, and you are ready to embrace a solution that provides you better work-life blend opportunities, please use the form below to contact us here at Pransform.