The perfect toolkit to collaborate efficiently with offshore teams

Working with offshore teams is a modern norm. If you are looking to adopt modern remote working trends, you’ll need an effective collaboration strategy in place. You can make the best use of offshore team skills and experience with efficient collaboration and communication. At Pransform, we utilize cloud accounting platforms to serve our valued clients. Our experts have chosen the best collaboration and cloud accounting tools that match the expectations of our clients. Let’s share our best tips that can help you to choose the best toolkit to work with offshore teams.

The Perfect Toolkit to Collaborate Efficiently with Offshore Teams

The digital transformation of businesses has become a necessity. Among other things, it has led businesses to think beyond the traditional approach of in-house hiring. One of the modern trends that accounting firms have seen is the adoption of cloud accounting. It is has become an effective tool that helps accounting firms offer offshore services effectively.

Efficient collaboration with offshore teams requires a thoughtful strategy. Even if you get the best toolkit to work with offshore teams, you’ll need to utilize them to your best advantage.

Adopt Cloud Accounting

For accounting and tax firms, cloud accounting is the new normal. It isn’t a choice anymore. Cloud accounting is the go-to option if you wish to offer professional accounting services to your clients. A major advantage that cloud accounting offers is efficient collaboration. You can work cohesively with your offshore team. Cloud accounting lets you monitor the progress of your accounting tasks in real-time.

Why cloud accounting is one of the best tools to have for efficient collaboration with your offshore team?

Here are a few key features of cloud accounting to answer that question.

  • Allows seamless collaboration and communication.
  • Keeps your data secured and synchronized.
  • Encourages remote and offshore working.
  • Allows multi-user access.
  • Sees important performance metrics in real-time.
  • Helps extract valuable information instantly.

In a nutshell, cloud accounting offers all the ingredients that encourage working with remote teams for any organization. 

Top Tips for Effective Collaboration

The first tip for effective collaboration is to define roles clearly for your onshore and offshore team members. You must clearly designate tasks for each member so that your offshore team knows what is expected of them. Role clarity is important, so is accountability. Once you have clearly defined roles for each team member, you should appraise their performance objectively.

Also, accountability does not mean you should ignore empathy towards your team member. Remain positive and show empathy that encourages your team members to bring innovation and energy to the work.

Use These Communication Tools

Often offshore and onshore teams work in different time zones. At a minimum, you can face different working hours that can pose serious communication challenges. You can choose your preferred collaborative platforms. Many businesses choose more than one communication and collaboration platform at the same time. However, you must fully utilize these platforms to the maximum potential.

Use these tools and tips suggested by our experts to improve your communication with the offshore teams.

  • Use cloud accounting platforms like QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks, and Zoho Books.
  • Invest in communication and collaboration tools.
  • Use communication tools like Hubdoc, Dropbox, Sharefile, etc.
  • You can use more than one platform for different uses such as using Gusto as an HR solution and Dropbox as a communication tool.
  • Fully utilize social networks for cohesive partnerships and real-time communication. Use tools like Zoom, Hangouts, Meeting, and Slack to your best advantage.

You can use various collaboration and communication tools. However, the key is to manage the process thoroughly.

Effective Workflow Management

An important aspect of clear communication and effective collaboration is workflow management. With an abundance of communication tools available, you must monitor the workflow progress rigorously. When you suggest cloud accounting solutions to your clients, it helps them in workflow management effectively as well. However, the key is to define roles clearly and assign tasks to each member.

Often businesses ignore the training aspect when working with both onshore and offshore teams. Depending on your accounting needs, you may need to conduct training sessions for your onshore and offshore teams. It will help both teams to learn and work cohesively.

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