Why You Should Prefer Pransform?

If you have learnt About Pransform, How Your World is Safe & Secure With Pransform and How it Works, by now, you would have a reasonable assurance that Pransform is a reliable and predictable service provider that will help you grow your firm profitably. Yet, you might be thinking if Pransform is the best choice for you.

We want you to be totally convinced before you start working with Pransform in your quest to convert your potential into performance.

Our Vision

“We will be the preferred back-office of the accounting profession.”

Our Mission

“Work with accounting firms to build their profitable growth.”

Our Values:

We are driven by core values that distinguish us from others:

Outsourcing Services for Accounting Firms

Expertise, Experience and Excellence Earn Us Our Existence:

Pransform, Inc. is the US based entity of Saraff Infotech, co. Ltd., Thailand – which was established in year 2004. Every year we process hundreds of thousands of accounting transactions, accurately, timely and economically. Tens of thousands of checks are issued from the accounting data we process every year. Hundreds of tax returns are filed accurately and timely, based on what we process for tax preparation firms. What it means for you is that when you start working with Pransform, you benefit – from day one – from our expertise and experience.

Engaged Leadership:

Pransform leadership is driven by a deeply engaging passion in the chosen field. When it c omes to accounting and t ax, leading independent publishers from the accounting profession recognize our thought leadership. When it comes to technology, our leadership is ahead of the curve, even investing in technology start-ups. What it means for you is that you benefit from the early adoption of innovative processes and technologies, without you having to personally invest in it.

Rock-Strong Pedigree:

In the outsourcing world perceived as cheap labor market, service providers offering very low rates – a) cut corners, impacting quality severely, exposing you to risks and b) don’t survive for long, throwing you into a painful problem of service continuity. Thankfully, Pransform’s rock-strong pedigree brings you a great peace of mind. Pransform is promoted by Saraff Infotech Co. Ltd (SIL). SIL is Thailand’s FIRST Business Process Outsourcing company – part of one of the leading business conglomerate – the diversified Saraff Group – which has business interests in Energy Sector, Plastics Manufacturing, Information Technology, Real Estate, as well as Diamonds and Jewelry. Saraff Group has over thirty years of growing business presence in Thailand, with offices in United States, India and Hong Kong. Saraff Group has clients in nearly 35 countries. Saraff Infotech is also a professional services provider in Information Technology and Software Development fields, an expertise it uses to create technological leverage for its clients in the Accounting and Tax professions. What it means for you is that you do not have to worry about your client service continuity.

Unparalleled Productivity Assurance:

If you are like majority of accounting firms, you have hourly rates and your tax preparation fees too are based on time, even if the end client sees a flat rate. And you know how difficult it is to control your costs, as none of your staff are exactly as productive as others. Your costs vary but not your income and that create tremendous unpredictability about your firm’s profitability. And this is where Pransform provides you a powerful and unique value. Once we start working with you, within weeks we know exactly the composition of your client mix and their transactions. And then we give you our “Unparalleled Productivity Assurance” that fixes the per hour number of transactions we will process for you. What it means for you is that your costs get fixed and hence predictable. At the same time, if we take more time to process, the cost is not on you. When you work with us, you will know your profitability with certainty. You get exact, precise value.

Unparalleled Quality Assurance:

Accounting and tax work cannot be fully automated, at least not foreseeable in near future. It is, to an extent, manual work that requires acquired skills and knowledge. Such “knowledge based processing” is prone to errors of judgment and errors of mission and commission. What it means for you is the quality of the work you deliver to your clients is “more or less” good but never totally consistent. But with Pransform, because of its years of investment in perfecting its processes, we give you our “Unparalleled Quality Assurance” that delivers highly consistent work to you. In rare theoretical instances where we may make an error, firstly we make sure that we inform you such exceptions (errors going unnoticed is highly improbable given our processes); secondly – we will process the transactions correctly in communication with you and you will NOT be charged for such additional time, irrespective of whether the need arises due to issues such as documents not properly scanned. What it means for you is that you pay only for the work done correctly, not for the time consumed in rounds of corrective work. In our experience, we have not seen corrective or explanatory communications crossing 0.5% of total work we do i.e. we deliver 99.5% work of assured quality, once we have worked for reasonably adequate time with you. You get exact, precise quality.

Predictable Predictability:

Business, by nature itself, is unpredictable and uncertain. And uncertainty equals risk. There are hundreds of parameters that keep changing, internally and externally and you may not have adequate control on several factors. Business performance is therefore, unpredictable. In such a complex world, we help you with one huge relief – your core service production will be predictable. Imagine if you don’t have to struggle to monitor, review and correct your back-office processing performance. Instead of your office literally consuming you day in day out, Pransform makes it possible for you to focus on developing your business and delighting your clients. Pransform makes it possible for you to be in control of your business, to be predictably predictable. What it means for you is you minimize the uncertainty and hence maximize the probability of profit and growth.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage:

Accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation services firms are NOT what people believe they are. Your core business is that of leveraging your knowledge for your clients’ benefit and creating, nurturing and growing your business relationships. If not, anyone with accounting software and tax preparation software can produce those standard reports. Your clients don’t buy those reports. They buy the benefit that your knowledge provides and they buy from you, rather than from someone else, because they trust their relationship with you. Acquiring knowledge and building relationships takes time. And if you spend most of your time creating, managing and hand-ling data, you don’t have enough time for your core business. When you work with Pransform, not only we create that valuable time for you but we also give you a power to deliver your service with high quality, faster than others and at a cost lower than others. Our unparalleled productivity and quality assurances are not easy to match. What it means for you is that with Pransform, you get sustainable competitive advantage that cannot be easily duplicated by your competitors.